Some Things About Being A Human That No One Tells You. Friday Night And Saturday Morning My Brain remember what i don't wanna remember Some things we need to do most are often the things we enjoy doing the least.   Boyfriend that Swear And Boyfriend That Care We are stubborn creatures of habit. The human...
Australian man Jarrod Allen is recreating profile pictures of girls he comes across on Tinder App has gone viral.
crazy hair
Craziest Hairstyles Ever At School On Hair Day.
1. Love Actually,but with the cast of The L Word as all of the characters,even though they would do terrible British accents. 2. Cheaper by the Dozen,but it is about a lesbian couple with 12 dogs. 3. Juno,but she never accidentally gets knocked up, because she is a lesbian.The end. 4.The Notebook,but...


Collection Of Hilarious And Funny Memes There’s no harm in laughing out loud when you think it’s appropriate. This urged us to collect memes to make you smile that is so hilarious, you will hurt laugh