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Some Facts about calcium supplements. Read this before taking calcium.

Calcium is AN metallic element metal that’s used in mineralization of teeth and bones. Ca element is important for all living organisms.

calcium supplements area unit usually advised to stop or treat low blood Calcium element levels in those that don’t get enough Calcium element from their diet. But, Calcium element supplements have a negative impact on the body and its advised that we should always increase our Calcium element intake through a whole-food diet alone.

These 2 printed information analysis report that calcium supplements don’t defend our bones from fractures, it will truly increase them.

The yank Journal of Clinical Nutrition printed a study in 2007, stating that Calcium element supplements may very well increase the number of hip fractures, opposed to reducing fracture rates because it suggests.ic areas.

Why We Should NOT Take Calcium Supplements.

When taking calcium supplements element, our bodies ar exposed to the high dose quickly. This doesn’t enable our bodies to soak up the metallic element into our bones, however rather passes through our excretion (increasing excretory organ stones), or it’s circulated among our blood, facilitating artery calcification.

Our heart health is in danger in keeping with JAMA Internal Medicine: 12,000men that were usurping 1,000 mg of Calcium element supplements per day showed a rising risk of death of 2 hundredths.

Dr. Ian Reid, a proof of drugs and medical specialty, UN agency is additionally associate degree author had this to mention a few recent study :
“This study provides substantiating proof that Calcium element taken as supplements seems to extend the chance of heart attacks; whereas having a diet that has some calcium-rich foods doesn’t appear to confer constant risk,” he said. “Most individuals mustn’t be taking Calcium element supplements,” he said. “You ought to get the Calcium element you would like from your diet instead of taking supplements.”

Not solely are we have a tendency to golf stroke our heart. Health in danger with calcium supplements however the National Institutes of Health associated it with associate degree elevated the risk of prostatic adenocarcinoma.

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