Natashia Corrigan Give Birth to 13 Pound Baby.


A Woman Name Natashia Corrigan gives birth to 13-pound baby:”I never dreamed he’d be Big Baby Boy”

Natashia Corrigan Give Birth to 13 Pound Baby.

Oh, Omg!

in Melbourne, Australia, That was shocked reaction of Natashia Corrigan, a mother after giving birth to a 13-pound, 4-ounce baby boy.
Tipping the scales at a whopping 6kgs, or 13.11 pounds, brian Liddle jnr weighs two times as a great deal as an average baby.

He changed into born at mercy sanatorium, in Melbourne, Australia on January 24, but even earlier than his delivery medical doctors knew he would be a larger than average bundle of pleasure.

Brian jr. 13 Pound Baby.

Natashia Corrigan Give Birth to 13 Pound Baby.

Brian jr. Is Corrigan’s 0.33 toddler. She has already given birth to 2 daughters at 8 kilos four ounces and seven pounds 12 oz., 7 news mentioned.

At the same time as the child is taken into consideration to be a record-breaking delivery down below, it have to additionally be mentioned that Corrigan brought the toddler without the assistance of an epidural. As a substitute, she used an aggregate of nitrous oxide (laughing fuel) and oxygen.

Corrigan turned into organized for the splendid-sized transport as brian jr. Weighed 9 pounds six months into the being pregnant. She still opted for the natural beginning.

“I think I was in a piece of surprise due to the fact the delivery was herbal and I handiest had gas so i was never the less in a piece of surprise simply from that, Corrigan stated to 7 information.

Natashia Corrigan Give Birth to 13 Pound Baby.