How To Remind Your Boyfriend You Love Him


Write a Love Letter.

Write him your love story that how you met him how you start your journey from start to now ,It can make him nostalgic and remind him about your romantic moments.

Make a move He Loves

Show him your couple photos You can create in your collage days with your all photos and create a video with different notes. This will show him how much you love him and how much you love being with him.

Do what he loves He shares with you all his likes and dislikes. you recognize his favorite game, his favorite serial or season etc. you recognize his favorite role player. try and appear as if her and analysis concerning his favorite game and surprise him by sporting jersey of his favorite team or by obtaining makeover precisely wanting like her favorite role player.

Make them Laugh with you

Send him some jokes to make him laugh.even while using social media send him jokes and funny pics inbox him share with him. Try to make an emotional connection by laughing together.

Don’t spoil your Relationship

Try to text him first Don’t spoil your relationship by thinking that he will text you first don’t think in this way.Ask him about his day inbox him .It’s never too late to start your love story again.

Express Your Feelings

Share love notes regarding him on social media while not telling your lover to jot down love quotes or notes for him and post it on social media. Act like your a immature woman and doing things to form him happy. specific your feelings in your own words, tag him in romantic photos. Keep creating efforts for your relationship. If you’re not happy nowadays, don’t worry these very little things won’t value you any cash or longer and you’ll be able to begin it even currently.