The Rock has just almost broken the record for the longest golf drive in the history of the sport


The Rock has just almost broken the record for the longest golf drive in the history of the sport.

The Rock is sweet at several things. one amongst those things is being muscular. Another is sporting Lycra underclothes whereas rolling around a hoop ahead of thousand of individuals with alternative men.
One alternative factor he is sensible at, approximately it appears, is golf. Specifically, touch a ball a really ways so.
The WWE wrestler-turned-Hollywood star has been changed his Instagram followers along with his comings and goings and one amongst the newest pictures on his account shows the 44-year-old on the links.

Now, for people who do not know, the record for the longest golf drive ever hit is 515 yards, by 64-year-old microphone state capital in 1974 at the North American country Senior National Open Qualifier.
The Rock, whose real name is Dwayne Johnson, claims to possess equated to beating that record whereas taking an opening from cinematography the HBO program Ballers.
Alongside an image of himself on the face of it crushing a ball into the mud, he wrote: ‘The record longest drive is 515 yards set in 1974.

My drive here measured associate calculable 490 yards by the scientists holding the rulers. I failing mathematics after I was a child, however i believe that is rather shut. One fun day I’ll break the globe record.
Great day on the links shooting scenes for our @ballershbo. later, I conjointly hit 2 alternative nice balls… after I stepped on a rake. Ok, no additional bull**** haha.. back to figure. Have a productive day.’
The alternative headline to the current article is: ‘Muscle-bound man fails to beat a record set by aged agent within the 70’s whereas employing a wood club’. does not sound quite nearly as good although, does it.