Scarlett Johansson showcases her figure in nude bodysuit for cyber-enhanced soldier role in new teaser for Ghost In The Shell


Scarlett Johansson plays a lady with a ‘human brain and artificial mechanism body.’

But Scarlett Johansson’s cyber-enhanced soldier physique leaves very little to the imagination in a very teaser of her forthcoming sci-fi film Ghost within the Shell.
The 32-year-old actor showcases her svelte physique in a very nude bodysuit for her titular role as Major, all whereas fighting off the world’s most dangerous criminals.
The futurist crime drama discharged the primary 5 minutes of the highly-anticipated flick on the weekday.
The clip opens with Major (Scarlett) commanding Section nine of a metropolitan town that is presently on internment as a result of ‘possible cyber crime activity in continuing.’
Her all black wardrobe includes many thigh-high slits that flash glimpses of her slender pins.

Scarlett Johansson shows off a brief, dark black hairstyle as she stands atop of a building and glances down at the active town below and says to her awaiting team, ‘This is Major, I am on the web site.’
The short video cuts to a scene wherever a doctor operating for Hanka AI – compete by actor Michael Wincott – pitches their computer science technology.

‘What is it you would like from us?’ he’s asked.
‘I suppose it’s a lot of concerning what Hanka AI will do for you. Seventy-three % of this world has woken up to the planet of cyber improvement. really need to be left behind?’ the doctor replies.
‘My individuals embrace cyber improvement as do I, however, nobody very understands the danger to individuality, identity, messing with the human soul.’

As the 2 men interact within the personal meeting. Major scans the building through x-ray glasses and finds them, reportage back to her team: ‘Someone contact the president workers, someone’s looking him.’
An elevator packed with men carrying briefcases with guns packed within suddenly exit AN elevator onto the ground of the edifice wherever the conference is happening with the doctor.
Robots dressed as Japanese short overtake the doctor whereas they inject wires into his neck and leave him static.

The highly-anticipated sci-fi crime drama hits theaters March 31